Shilpa Shetty and her husband Raj Kundra, who celebrate their ninth wedding anniversary on Thursday, have shared pictures from their tropical vacation in the Maldives.

Anniversary message on Instagram

Shilpa shared an anniversary message on Instagram, writing, “I can’t match up to your surprises, gestures or big heart.. but I have someone up there to thank ,that we are a MATCH made for each other. Will love you until I die.. and if there’s a life after that ..will love then.. Happy 9th Anniversary hubby.” Shilpa paired the note with a collage of their images together.

Shilpa can be seen posing in a bikini

In an earlier series of pictures shared on Instagram, Shilpa can be seen posing in a bikini, chilling by the beach, and even snorkeling. “Soaking in the Maldivian Sun and loving it.If I had my way, would live here or the rest of my life,” she wrote alongside a pictures of herself, posing in a swimsuit.

Shilpa’s snorkeling session

In another post, this one with a video of Shilpa’s snorkeling session, the actor-turned-businesswoman wrote, “The beauty and mechanisms of nature don’t fail to surprise me. Didn’t even need to go snorkeling .. found Mr Octupus and this colourful marine life just outside our water see how he camouflaged himself on the rock was incredible, we caught it at the spur of the moment.. and what a moment it was !”

shot underwater

Shilpa and Raj can be heard in the background, sounding excited at experiencing the ocean so closely. Her next video is shot underwater, and shows small fish in their natural habitat.

Best Couple

Shilpa and Raj, a London-based businessman with interests in the IPL and the Super Fight League, married in 2009. Their son, Viaan, was born in 2012. Shilpa has transitioned into a lifestyle coach since she sidelined her acting career.

She now posts regular videos on social media, and has even been featured in yoga videos.